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Sweet Science
I was(But I'm pretty damn sure that I'm not alone) treated to a quite sensational fight last Sunday, as defending WBA 140-pound champion Amir Khan fought the fight of his life in out-pointing interim champ Marcos Maidana, who also fought the fight of his pro career.

In winning via scores of 114-111 twice and 113-112, 24-year-old Khan did way more than just retain his world title. No, in taking the best, the most brutal punches the 27-year-old Argentine could take, Khan forever killed the notion that he has anything approaching a glass jaw..

Now 24-1(17) and seemingly light years improved from the lightweight “kid” who was stopped by Colombia’s Breidis Prescott over two years ago, Khan could be on the verge of true greatness. Maidana, whose great effort last night makes referring to him as a loser seem harsh, can come again. Beaten for just the second time in his pro career (never stopped), Maidana is now 29-2(27).

Sunday's(Dec 12) terrific, on-the-edge-of-your-seat battle was excellent entertainment in so many ways. First of all, the pace Khan set and managed to keep up was blistering, and then, with seemingly barely seconds gone, we had out first sensation. Khan ate a big right hand to the head - but he didn’t wobble. Returning fire in a cracking opener, Khan then almost did the unthinkable - he came agonisingly close to taking out the teak-tough Maidana in the very 1st-round!

Maidana recovered and went on to fight, His name never rang a bell in my ears but It sure does now. I became a fan of his heart, The way he got up from the liver blow was amazing. Add to that the rounds that he went through after that. Damn! I don't even know who to cheer for. But one thing is for sure, Everybody in that arena and whoever watches boxing that day was amazed and thrilled by the fight both warriors gave.

Post-fight, Khan said he proved he can take a punch and that all those who watched the fight would have to agree with him on that score. Khan adopted extremely dangerous, gung-ho tactics tonight, but his macho attitude surely earned him many more additional fans. How can anyone not have liked what they saw last night? Both men were terrific and gave their all.

Where Khan goes from here, and how great he can become will prove extremely interesting. Could we even see a return of last Sunday's Classic which in my opinion is a candidate for the "Fight of the year"  award. This kind of fight really helped me remember why I love the sport of boxing.


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